A Fortnight Of Parkour Event - (Prizes 50k)

Next Parkour Opens At 9:30:00 CC Time

Welcome to this event hosted by @Fake Snake and @Sir. Porto
Event consists of 14 parkours each lasts for 24hrs, finish them and place high on the leaderboard to earn points (see points below) , after the 14th day the highest 5 people with points will get a prize (see prizes below)

Also there's a guest bumper in each parkour you can bump it to enter the raffle for a 1000c

Also Places From 6-10 Get 1k Cubits Each!

1st place - 3pts
2nd place - 3pts
3rd place - 2pts
4th place - 2pts
5th place - 1pts

1st place - 20k
2nd place - 15k
3rd place - 8k
4th place - 5k
5th place - 2k
Raffle Winner - 1k

Spoiler: Parkour Leaderboards

Cheater Will Be Disqualified

you can report cheater with evidence (video footage)

"Laggers" will recieve warnings for their lagged times. 3rd warning means disqualification from event

We understand that everyone may lag from time to time. But also lagging on purpose in order to achieve better time is something we won't support. Therefore we introduce this warning system...

Do Not Use Alts

you will be disqualified

gUd Luck Everyone And Have fUn



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