New Parkour: Elemental Cube - Earth (RESULT)

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Every year, the people of Vurn hold a big festival to celebrate their victory in the decisive battle against the troops of the Golden Plateau in 1201. History has told that a legend has used the magic of dirt to protect the people during the fights. Now, every year, people remember this battle by creating a dirt-related festival as a thanks to their hero.

Elemental Cube - Earth

Welcome to Elemental Cube - Earth, the second parkour in the Elemental Cube Trilogy - a series of parkours made to honour the elements of nature: Earth, Water and Air.

Location: CD87's Event Realm
Difficulty: Intermediate
Requirements: No perks or items are needed.

Small prizes are awarded upon completing the course. However, a bronze pig will be given to the one with the fastest time in the second finish line bumper (Path of the Small Ones). The result will be announced on the 1st of June.

Any feedback is appreciated in order to improve my parkours in the future. As always, good luck and hope you'll enjoy yourself there!

Congratulations to *YONE* for winning the race! Please meet me to receive your prize.

Thanks everyone for playing!
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