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Hi all,

I decided to create this thread to showcase some of the builds that I have created! Don't judge please - I am a novice builder in terms of actually creating things that are semi complex. What can I say - I like simple stuff! :D

Spoiler: Pixel Builds

Love Balloon

Traffic Cone


Scuba Mask (feat. @Kalona )

Pizza Face

Ghost Containment Unit

Corn Crop (feat. @"raina marie" )

Ramm Pet (feat. Hyperion. & @"Graceful Thunder" )

Werewolf Head (feat. @Kalona )

Easter Backpack (feat. @Anguishire )

lb3.PNG 496.1K
cone2.PNG 731.6K
top1.PNG 591K
sc4.PNG 710.3K
pf2.PNG 535.6K
gcu.PNG 623K
gcu1.PNG 471K
corn1.PNG 238.4K
corn.PNG 450.3K
ram2.PNG 452.5K
ram3.PNG 267.1K
werewolf2.PNG 546.3K
werewolf3.PNG 809.5K
bp3.PNG 366.1K
bp2.PNG 386.4K


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