Level 60+

Why not have lvl over 60?

Will lvl above 60 influence the people who have played the game to return to him?

Of course, we have to consider the question of perks but besides raising new ones, we could better the existents as well as an example, speed demon, Pet Pal... and better the chance to double items from the plants... But who knows it's not me, it s the adimins...


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    Have no new perks but add new levels. I had multiple level 60 accounts and multiple level 30+ accounts because the level cap was so low.
  • This is the reason I don’t want to reach level 60, everything I will mine or build after that will be a waste since no xp will be accumulated. Maybe not even make perks but more levels or even no levels but accumulate xp so when new levels are introduced we earn them instantly
  • well u don't get all perks on lvl 60 soo... more lvls would be great. maybe like to lvl 70 and when the perks end u can just get 1k for each lvl
  • In lvl 60 you can win 3k,Lol
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    This has been mentioned many times before and I've talked to kewberth and hes said he would like to add onto levels as well as other things once the overworld update is out.
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