****My Birthday Giveaway**** [ENDED]

Alvin!Alvin! Member
edited May 2019 in Player Events & Creations
Yeah, 14th May is my birthday and I'm hosting a giveaway for my birthday

Cubic Time : 14 May 7:30am (/time)

GMT+8 Time(Malaysia, Philippines, etc) : 14 May 10:30pm
Hope ya guys can enjoy the giveaway althought its not full of rares ">.>, also be grateful what you get from giveaway ^^, I don't want to get mad at my birthday..

If you have a birthday present for me, I will accept anything ^^

Edit :

If you want to wait it early, tp to me (if u r my friends), also the one who holla about this giveaway is NOT me, is [Just A Pig]


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