On the topic of mature clans

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The rule for the game is to keep mature/sexual/political subjects out of the game.

Is the existence of LGBTQ players/people a mature topic? With players playing from many countries, and of different beliefs/cultures/religions, the answer to that question is it depends who you ask. And this is not something that is particular to this game. You'll see this question come up in the news as well. Parents unhappy with the way their children's school addresses this subject for instance.

Our view is, the fact that LGBTQ people exist is no longer generally considered a mature topic. You see it in television comedies, Disney movies, music, other games etc.. aimed at people in similar age ranges.

So that means the existence of the clan is okay, but just like non-LGBTQ players, if you get explicit, you will be banned. We are also going to add /clanignore feature, so you can filter out the chats and hollas of a clan that may not match your personal values.
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