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Story- Prologue

"Hi, There! We are currently Looking For Explorers that are interested in exploring one of our old Abandoned Observatory. Are you willing to explore it for us?"

- The Cubic Observatory.

You quickly checked out the main office of the company.
you got on the office early there are no people inside but their main door is open so you thought that someone is already inside the building so you still continue to enter the building


The lights were flickering and you saw someone on the hallway, but as I saw it, it quickly disappeared. You still didn't give up and proceeded to find that person. As you soon approach the dead end, there was a door near you with a warning. You wanted to go back. But as you looked around, there are no doors anywhere to be seen, and everything was dark except the door near you. You even tried opening your phone and turning the flashlight on... But it seems you're already in a room and you're stuck in it. You couldn't contact anyone since your phone doesn't have any signal. So you got no choice but to enter the door, even though there is a warning. However, everything got hazy as you approached the door. As you slowly lose consciousness, you hear someone's footsteps afar.


After you collapsed, you asked yourself "What happened? Am I still in the same room?" Then you heard a sound but there was nothing around you. As you shout in an empty room, asking if someone is there. You suddenly got a reply from an unknown voice..

Are you the new person locked in here? How long have you been in here? It seems that it's still a little early to see someone in here. Are you their new victim? Shh....you need to be quiet or else something bad will happen, You sure are an unlucky one. Something like this always happens every year. Did they tricked you? Well, all I know is that you did. Now you need to explore the observatory. But you only have 9 days to escape the observatory or else you will get stuck eternally. Once you enter the observatory, there will be some notes out there that will serve as your guide through the observatory. Some of them might just confuse you, but you need to read them carefully, the notes might be different because it changes every year to ensure people will not get out quickly. Also. you should take an attendance on the guess bumper you will see on the observatory and lastly you should....."

You couldn't understand what his last words were, then everything went dark again. You asked yourself, "Was it a dream? An illusion? Did it really happen? Then you tried moving but you couldn't. "What happened? Why couldn't I move?"Then you collapsed again. After you collapsed you found yourself in another place again. It was a cave! Then you started to wonder about where you are. Then you realize this is the observatory and you started to find your way out.

Final Puzzle Guest Bumper Prizes:
1st Prize -5,000c - iCantWill
2nd Prize - 3,000c - jaxovi
3rd Prize - LVL 5 Dog Kennel -Kirina Zen
4th Prise - LVL 4 Dog Kennel - Silver Guardian
5th prize - LVL 0 Dog Kennel - Weird flex, but ok

Total Final Puzzle Guest Bumper Winner : 5 Winners

RAFFLE: (since we didn't get tons of players completed the egg hunt 8 players finished it will get 1k)
8 Winners of 1,000c
- iCantWill
-Kirina Zen
-Silver Guardian
-Weird Flex,but ok

1 Winner Of 1 Unplaced Dog Kennel
2 Winner Of 2 Hypo Glasses (Black)
1 Winner Of 1 Jester Backpack

300 Additional Items (Current)
Note: Players Will get 2 Prizes

Note: Due to some players not claiming their prizes, they can not claim their prizes anymore

Please Join our discord Sever for Announcements, Question, And Hints to those people will join our discord server we have a giveaway on going there, prizes will be posted as well on the prizes spoiler We Also hide a Guess Bumper 1st 5 people will bump it will get 1k each!
Discord Server Code: UrE3gaU

Realm Name: Egg Hunt: The Lost Tales

Egg Hunt: The Lost Tales Staff

Builder: Naegi Kun,S.zia,CubicMan43
Realm Design: Naegi Kun,S.zia
Puzzle And Story: Naegi Kun,S.zia,CubicMan43

Tree Builder: Pyreon

Countdown Until the Egg Hunt ends



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    Bump! 9 Minutes until starts the Egg Hunt: Lost Tales Starts! Prize List have been updated pm me here or discord for questions, you can also comment here your questions
  • LateComLateCom Member
    Minutes or days?
  • Shou KunShou Kun Anime WorldMember
    LateCom said:

    Minutes or days?

    there was a countdown before the egg hunt starts, i edited my comment so you will not be confused
  • It is our sunday rip , maybe you could start on saturday . o .
  • Shou KunShou Kun Anime WorldMember
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    It is our sunday rip , maybe you could start on saturday . o .

    @HONEY%20BOMB the event already started, the Timer you see is how many days until the egg hunt ends
  • Shou KunShou Kun Anime WorldMember
  • I searched a very long still dunno how to get in one of the prison x.x
  • Shou KunShou Kun Anime WorldMember
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    Bump! The Lost Tales has ended, updated the Prizes with the player's winner name also i did remove some prizes since 8 players only Finished the event, to the players won You have 2 weeks to Claim your Prize if you didn't claim it After 2 weeks you won't be able to claim it anymore, I also will send Friend Request to those winners

    The Egg Hunt: Lost Tales Will be still open to those who want to try the egg hunt, But there will be no Prizes anymorei'll leave some prizes
    Note: if your friends to the players won in this event please tell them
    it Seems Kirina Zen has changed the name if you know Kirina Zen's Current IGN please tell me
  • I don't know how to get in , rip ...
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