STUFF I SELL IN VENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :3

ndplayz2468ndplayz2468 Member
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stainless steel 50 for 65c and 35 for 45c
rabbit head for 4.8k
egg hat for 550c
and 50 trunks for 65c.
tell me if u want me to lower some prices :3
also realms name is ndplayz2468's realm


  • ndplayz2468ndplayz2468 Member
    edited April 2019
    I no longer sell egg hat but I still sell:
    Stainless steel 50/65c
    Trunks for 50/55
    Glyph X for 350
    Fancy road 50/65c
    Purple scarf 850c
    Easter pow 1.7k
  • Bump!!!!!!!!
  • ndplayz2468ndplayz2468 Member
    edited May 2019
    Bump!!!! I now sell stainless steel 100/50 trunks 100/25 corn 1/c and fancy tables 1/8c
    edit: corn was sold out
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