Never Have I Ever!



  • darkpqdarkpq Member
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    Ever, i win almost all the time in a specific situation
    Never i have ever heard a remix combinated song/music of your 2 favorite games?
  • xX_ThundahxX_Thundah Member
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    Never (idk what that means owo)
    Never I have ever had a crush on 1st grade and holded hands with him/her
  • AvachuelaAvachuela Member
    4.95 Karma

    Never I have ever be late at school
  • 25.25 Karma
    Have been for a number of times...

    Never have I ever reached collage yet?
  • 20.45 Karma
    Never (next year tho)

    Never have I ever drove a car
  • maxreinmaxrein Member
    5.10 Karma
    never (not yet)

    never have I ever poop in pants ;>
  • 'Dragi''Dragi' Member
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    Never have I ever dated anyone before :P
  • DoodleDogDoodleDog Member
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    yeah idc cri in corner cuz lonely
    Never have I ever eaten a whole 33cm pizza by myself.
  • Robot UnicornRobot Unicorn Member
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    I’ve never.
    Never have I ever gotten stung by anything.
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