How to find eggs?

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Ppl HV found more than 100. HOW?!?!
Also where are eggs hidden??


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    Uhm well you can find them in mines (3 block radius im pretty sure). Just walk around in the mine and one might be there and pick it up then you get the egg and a +1 on yor egg count. I also found a couple in my realms.
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    They spawn in mines and once in realms that were active before the event.
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    do pets give any type of radius boost?
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    do pets give any type of radius boost?

  • b3achyb3achy Member
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    In your realms and rooms, if they follow the same rules as last year, they will spawn in the top layer, if you have multiple layers (so no point in searching the lower levels). The number of eggs is proportional to the size of the room/realm.

    Eggs will only spawn next to a block/item. So if you have a wide open field, they likely won't be there.

    In the mines some people just do a search of the edges by walking about 3-4 blocks in from the edge. You should get about 6-7 wide view of eggs appearing. Others do a full search of the mines by starting on one corner, walking 3-4 blocks in from the edge from one edge to another, then moving 6-7 blocks over, and walking back to the other edge...and continuing until they have reached the other side of the mine. It's tedious, but you'll find most of the eggs in a mine.

    Last year, eggs didn't spawn much in the middle of the mines (the bulk were near the edges one to two layers in)...but this year, from what I've seen, it seems like more are in the middle / they are more evenly distributed between edges and middles. Some mines are easier to search than others, so choose your mine type wisely.
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    Also Eggs In Mines Are More Likely To Appear UnderWater, Inside A 1x1 Space, Oil, And Mud.
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    Also in forest mines try to look for flowers that r in a 3×3 kinda space with no flowers in that 3×3 space
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    wrong, they spawn in corners and crevasses, rarely even next to a single block
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    Yes I found them all in the corners of my realms
  • Ndplayz2468Ndplayz2468 Member
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    I've found a few using the method i said i used but yes they usually spawn in all mentioned above
  • b3achyb3achy Member
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    LateCom said:

    wrong, they spawn in corners and crevasses, rarely even next to a single block

    Sorry, didn't mean a single block, but there usually needs to be a block / items for them to spawn next to as they won't spawn in an open flat field / open flat areas. So, yes it is often a corner/crevice.

    ** ETA: Wow, just found an egg in a flat corner of a mine. So I guess it is possible to not always have a block / blocks next to the egg. But that was my first in probably over 400 eggs found between last year and this year. So the odds are pretty low.
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