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49 Qbees in a tight battlefield, only one will live to claim the prize...

Maisnylands: Battle Royale

Welcome to Maisnylands! An artificial world dedicated to the toughest warriors. You and 49 other players will battle in a special 100x100 realm, and only the last survivor will claim the prize!

This is a parkour-pvp event hosted and funded by CD87 (Me!). It is entirely a skill-based event (So no perk is needed), and everyone is invited!

A 100x100 shrinking battlefield.
The map is divided into 6 areas. From time to time, more areas will be closed off, which will boil down to the last pvp battle at the central arena!

You can see everyone, but they can see you!
You can tell their locations from their names, but your name will prevent you from hiding! Will you be the hunter, or the hunted?

Loot items to gain special benefits!
Warp items are scattered around the map, giving you special buffs to help with your survival!

Tactical battlefield, rooms for complex strategy!
Ranging from fortresses to outposts, from traps to hiding spots. Study the realm layout, plus the resources given in the handbook and develop your strategy to the win!

Easter Edition!
Rabbit villages and cherry blossoms will be your company throughout the journey.

Sunday, 21st of April at 6:30:00 and 22:15:00
Sunday, 28th of April at 6:00:00 and 22:15:00

Location: CD87's Event Realm (Enter the door to the left)

Prize: There is a 24000 cubits prize pool, and there are 8 rounds in total (2 for each time stamp). The winner of each round will receive 3000 cubits (2500 cubits + piggy bank).
Note: Winning multiple rounds is allowed.

This handbook is incomplete, because it's supposed to be incomplete!

: Low
: Medium
: High
: Very high

A group of small islands with grass and leaves to the south. Pretty safe and easy to manoeuvre.

Loot: 
Coverage: 
Danger level: 
Point of interest: Grass Arena, Grass Fortress
Spawn point: Yes (Grass Arena)
Accessibility: White, Central, Red, Black (One direction only).

A narrow path full with spikes and flames. Fighting here is not recommended.

Loot: 
Coverage: 
Danger level: 
Point of interest: Fiery Campsite, North Treasure Stash, South Treasure Stash
Spawn point: Yes (Fiery Campsite)
Accessibility: White, Central, Blue, Green, Black (One direction only).

A nice, peaceful place where rabbit lives. Some of them were turned into slymes by Dr. Slymegood

Loot: None
Coverage: 
Danger level: 
Point of interest: Healing Station, Golden Square
Spawn point: Yes (Golden Square)
Accessibility: White, Central, Red, Black (One direction only)

A forest full of cherry blossom tree and leaves. Good place to run and hide from enemy wands!

Loot: None
Coverage: 
Danger level: 
Point of interest: None
Spawn point: No
Accessibility: All other areas in both directions

A flat, barren outer land. It's your only escape route.

Loot: 
Coverage: 
Danger level: 
Point of interest: Red Outpost, Blue Outpost, Green Outpost
Spawn point: No
Accessibility: White in both directions

0:00: Start the game
1:00: Announce first closing area
2:30: Closing the first area
3:00: Announce second closing area
4:30: Closing the second area
5:00: Announce Field Effect
5:30: Apply Field Effect
6:30: Announce the third closing area - Remove Field Effect
7:00: Close the third area
7:30: Golden Time - Announce all other remaining areas
9:00: Closing all remaining area(s) (Central area cannot be closed)
10:00: Apply Field Effect

The field effect changes every 1 minute until only one person survives.

Forum event: Name the Black Zone!

As you see in the handbook, there is an unnamed Black area. It's up to you to give it a name to match with other zones.
Comment your best name for this area. Be sure to give a reason for that as well.

The judging will be done by me, and it will be based on the descriptiveness, logic and creativity of your reasons of your given name.

Deadline: 27th of April

Prize: The best entry and one random entry will win 2500 cubits each.

Congratulations to all winners in this events:

Round 1: Cornstalk!
Round 2: Anguishire
Round 3: Scion
Round 4: Duckster B
Round 5: LopaikoStyle
Round 6: Wolfit
Round 7 (Special round): 4 winners
Round 8 (Special round): ForceUnity

Forum event winner: Scion (The Twilight Zone)
Random winner from the forum event: Entry #1 (NavySkye - Midnight Meadow)

Please contact me to get your prizes from the forum event.

Thank you very much for your interest in this event, and I'll see you in the battlefield!


  • Midnight Meadow, Maybe?
  • Shadow's rest
    - Since it is stated as an only escape route and players should be quick and try to be unseen (even though that's basically impossible with the names showing xd) and the saying "quiet as a shadow" and Idk what I'm saying
    This reminds me of the Mrbeast youtuber battle royale (I loved it so muchhh) and I'll try to join

    Question. Are all wands allowed or is the heal wand not allowed
    (I don't see it anywhere in this post and if it is then I'm sorry xd)
  • Healing station cuz free heal lol
  • Dark Dormitory
    Cause you can hide there and it's dark :)
  • ScionScion Member

    Healing station cuz free heal lol

    Heal Wands may cost us some cubits or may be a bit harder to craft, but they provide healing ANYWHERE, as long as you can inflict yourself with the effect next to a block.

    It may be unfair, because someone might bring an entire inventory of just wands, though. Also because level perks are a thing and the Brawny perk is going to give an advantage to the higher leveled players. CD87 addressed the perks in the discussion, though, so he is very aware of this.

    It's a game of skill because there are also traps involved in the map.
  • CD87CD87 Member
    Clarification: All wands are allowed. Healing wands are useless in the central arena, though. Plus, there're always some poison spikes and the bottomlessness to insta-kill you.

    Recommended wand: Knockback wand (for most of the time) and Harm Wand (for the last battle)

    Perks can give you an edge, but anyone can still win if they have enough skills (Heck, they might not even need a wand!)

    Lastly, healing stations have more tactical values than just healing you.

    Hope these help!
  • The black spot

    I suck
  • Golden Square cuz i love bunnies ! <3
  • sdgamez3sdgamez3 Member
    edited April 2019
    lands of the unknown cuz:
    It's dark and darkness hides objects which means it is unknown if the objects are there or not or where the objects are.
    Also your fate is also unknown as you can be killed anytime, by anyone
  • PartyParty Member
    Haven't been able to check this out but sounds like fun. This could be the battle of easter island.
  • CD87CD87 Member
    The map is now completed in its full form, which you should definitely check out to have a better chance to win!

    Additionally, read this to get a glimpse of how a typical battle looks like. It is part of what you should expect in the real event!

    Length: 15 minutes
    Effects played: Fog, Slyme, CD87 (Shrink)
    Order of closing: Red, Black, Blue, everything else
    Numbers of players in the final battle: 3
    Winner: -omitted because of the winner's request-
  • CD87CD87 Member
    Bump! The event is half-way finished! The list of the first 4 winners is updated!
  • Abyss
  • ScionScion Member
    I've experienced the Black Area firsthand, and I think I can name it according to it's importance in the PvP rounds.

    The Twilight Zone

    Now, you may ask "Scion, why do you name it something that has nothing to do with anything PvP related?"

    Twilight Zone was an idea that I had when I stopped to think about the fact that the zone is dark in block choice. It's a simple ring with a Black plaster composure with 4 Warp Dispencers on either corner. The warps bring you to different regions of the map, which is a great advantage if you can overcome the risks that come with being on the ring.

    The black ring is only 1 block in depth and has a width of 3 blocks, so falling off of this ring and being lost to the "abyss" of the Twilight Zone is a hazard that you would want to avoid.

    The warps are usually Warp Crunch Stars, which go nicely with the theme of a Twilight Zone, where stars usually dwell in the sky above.

    The ring itself resembles that of some planets out there in the twilight of the galaxy. It surrounds the other environments that exist in the room, as a ring does to its planet.
  • I haven't read any of the comments cause holy lord, but I was thinking Shadows Beyond, cause its on the outside layer.
  • CD87CD87 Member
    Quick notice: Round 7&8 time change
  • CD87CD87 Member
    Bump! The event has ended!
    If you want, please leave a feedback and/or suggestion below to improve the game!
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