Slymoria has to be destroyed, right?

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Slymoria is the kindome of slymes, and dr.slymegood is trying to kill bunnyzilla :( may be we can attack slymoria... if sirkewberth create a realm called like that... may be can be so funny.... a example is my acc photo... if sirkewberth accept this and he create slymoria in overworld, all of we can attack on easter day ^^ it will fell confortable destroy slymoria with bombs etc ...
tecnically its true... and are just 2 realms called slymoria.. but still we can authenticate that... as "the kindom of slymoria" something like that if people understand


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    lets connect our souls in the overworld and raid the slymoria portal
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    I've already done it like 200 times... also #karmafarming
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    Would love like a boss that we shoot our wands at :O.
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    Y E S .
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    slymoria raids!!! O.O
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    there could be a posibility that this doesnt connect to slymoria tho (the system doesnt mention anything about slymes. only zilla and dr. Slymegood)
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    sdgamez3 said:

    slymoria raids!!! O.O

    Sounds sweet
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    YOU WILL NEVER GET OUR LEADER *eats gleamburst*

    no but in seriousness, although this would be really awesome, i doubt this will be possible to be done in such a small period of time
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    *starship troopers flashbacks*

    it would be a massacre, it requires more then 10 shots just to kill one slime....
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