Can't enter quest realms (from the quest pack) that are located in Spyre

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Like the title says, I can't enter any quest realms (from the quest pack) that are located in Spyre. I was helping someone with their quests, and when we were about to work on The Catacombs quest, we were not able to enter the realm (Catacombs lvl 1). In the overworld, there is no lock on the realm. I tried entering other quest realms that were located in Spyre (such as Qbee Festival, Pyramid's Secret, Winter Journey), but couldn't. There's no locks on those realms, either. I doubt that any of us are banned, as the person I was helping had never entered the realm, ever.. And plus, why would ANYONE be banned from quest realms? Does anyone know why this is happening?


  • At one point, I think they had to lock down a bunch of realms due to some permissions issues, but it ended up locking down other realms they didn't expect (like the tutorial realm, etc).

    @SirKewberth / @CosmicCow should be able to fix them now that you've identified the problem.
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