Selling few items

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Hello guys I have few items to sell
Selling list:
Executioner mask: 395Oc {SOLD}
Fool cap : 11OOOc. { SOLD }
Least fools cap: 375Oc. { SOLD}
Dog level 7 : 355Oc {SOLD}
Cat level 2 : 315Oc {SOLD}
Jester backpack: 32OOc
Hypno shades : 315Oc
Vampire cloaks : 245Oc ( 2 in stock )
Wuvva scarf: 15OOx
Hunter’s cap : 105Oc
Santa’s backpack : 95Oc
Psychic revelation cap : 175Oc
Twobee hat : 95Oc
Pilgrim pants: 265Oc
Turkey tail : 135Oc {SOLD}
Queen’s crown : 985c
Leather backpack : 2O5Oc
Coke bottle glasses: 65Oc
High hat : 65Oc
If you’re interested in buying any if the items As listed above DM me and add me up in game (NIGHT_WING)
NOTE” We can Negotiate with the prices little bit”

Regards : Night_Wing


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