Farming issues

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Cows fly over in the air way over to side not even on any ground to get around fences to get to me while I plant and pick crops.

That last cow seems to be getting more stupid by the day and goes away from me when I try to milk them. btw I have 22 rooms of 15 cows in each so I lose 22 milk per day, not cool.

I have 22 rooms of 15 chickens in each room and I only get 1 or 2 each time I visit the room. Seems like I will need 2000 chickens to get 200 eggs per day at this rate.

When I am picking corn with a tractor, if someone drives over the crop right on me while I am trying to pick it, the crop wont pick. I cant put a no car bumper cuz then I can't use a tractor and if I close the realm it decays and I have to place it again. :(

My friend cant submit a ticket or post so I do it. His name is THEGODLYPINEAPPLE & he did fine when he grew 100 tomatoes in 2 rooms. Now that he grows 250 tomatoes per room in 2 rooms 1/3 of them die. I watched him plant and water them, he has nothing over them and no stamp so I don't see why all of a sudden they die. His realm is the owen relm, the crops rooms are off of the room below the spinning gear and then south in the next door.

Last one, this is an auto click pop issue I have in that I buy a LOT from the store. I buy approx 1200 small sprinklers, 2500 quality soil, 100 - 100 pack seeds every few days and I have to click each one at a time and this is crazy amount of proving I am human. Why cant we have a select how many we buy in a lot of these purchases we make a lot of? This goes for the animals in the farmers co op too. It is crazy annoying to spend an hour buying 300 animals.


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    Well none of these uccur to me, but hope these will get fixed...
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    I agree with the last part about being able to buy certain amount from the store.
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    Azsimuth said:

    Well none of these uccur to me, but hope these will get fixed...

    Don't hold your breath lol. I just started picking corn and I get 1/2 way done and it says not ready to pick, They ALL say its been the 60 hours since planted and some pick, some do NOT. How can we trust anything in a BROKEN game?
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