Phantom Foam

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How much is a phantom foam?


  • Around 30c
  • Ok thank you :)
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    Some may say 5c each and some may say 10c each
    But i think the cheapest is 2c each
  • Well, one phantom foam costs 6 ghost dusts and 1 ghost dust cost 4 ghost gum while 1 ghost gum cost 1 dead tree trunk. It also needs 1 cloudy potion, which is crafted from red, green and yellow potion. In which red needs 3 red flowers, yellow needs 1 sunberry, and green needs 1 chiliberry. So here are the list of items and its average prices

    24 dead trees-----4.8c
    3 red flowers-----1c
    1 chiliberry-----0.1c
    1 sunberry-----0.1c
    5-10 oil-----1c
    Total: 6c

    So the average price of phantom foam is more than 6c, cause the crafter should gain profit so let's say around 7c ;)

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    Oh ok thx! Btw its 30 trunks.
    Uhh let's say if I put each phantom foam at 15c each. Will any of you buy it?
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