SpawnPoint Block & Spawning Block [SUGGESTION]

Spawnpoint Block:

A block where the players would be spawned after the spawning bumper is triggered.

Spawning Bumper:

A bumper that sends the players to the spawnpoint randomly. It evens the players on the spawnpoint (Ex: 20qbees 10 Spawnpoints= 2 qbees per Spawnpoint)
It also have a Blacklist that blocks the players into being teleported to the spawnpoints.
And an option to summon per qbee.

- - - -
Imagine this as a Hide and Seek map:
35 Qbees were on the realm(including you)
You placed 49 spawn point blocks on the map, but its ok since some wont be used.
You blacklisted yourself and a Seeker after bumping the Spawning bumper then *boop*. Everyone esle spawn in the map except for you and the Seeker. After 30 seconds you summoned the seeker to the map, and the Hide and Seek began.

Seems complicated.

This could be useful for minigames such as Hide and Seek, PvP, Murder Mystery, and more.

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