My Idea That Will Revolutionize The Way We Think About Cubic Castle Food

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So, you spend a lot of time and effort into planting, watering, and harvesting crops to then do what, make useless food recipes that are a source of decorations. Oh wow, soooo amazing!!! Yeah, not so much. What if food became a source of “additional but time limited” perks. Perhaps you made a carrot cake. Sure, you could use it for decoration if you wished, but what if you ate it, and it gave you 5% faster mining for 90 minutes. Or maybe you ate some corn bread and you could run 2% faster for 30 minutes. This also opens the door for adding new types of food with different added abilities. Just simple little adds like this to food could really increase its popularity and use.

Then you have the problem of people eating a food to help them during, say, a bomb game. A new bumper you could add is the “no eating allowed” block (I see it being similar to a “No Pedestrians” Block). This disables all the extra food abilities someone has when they enter that realm until they leave. Of course, these could make games more fun and exciting, but I can imagine Qbees seeing this as a way of “cheating” or having an advantage, it would be up to the host.

An extra idea: Maybe it should take time for food to bake, cook. Like a dehydrated cube, a progress like that.

If any of you fellow Qbees agree or disagree, comment what you think about this idea and what you might add or modify to this topic!!!


  • If you guys have anything to add, don't hesitate to!!!
  • Maybe u place the food, amd u get near it show "Eat" and active it, and once u est the plate gone too. But if u don't eat , stay like normal is way better.

    These r my ideas :

    Sunny Side Up - Speed up 2%(add 5% is too much, thats why)
    Veggie Omelette - Increase Regen(heal block)
    Carrot Cake/Soup - Jump 1 block higher again.

    But if they really add it, rip bomb game, so maybe they can add "No PowerUp Block", which once u go the realm with that block, ur extra ability has stopped.
  • This is actually a very nice suggestion,(( and one of the best I've seen in a while,I deffinatly support this!

    But you should consume the food like you do with berries,by selecting it and tapping/dragging it on your qbee,I just wonder why the ppl that didn't like this suggestion,according to the pole,dont like seems like a very good idea and adds a purpose to farming,and the great thing is,you don't even new a big farm or anything,and that special bumper would ofcourse be necessary,again,I support this!
  • -1 meh
  • +1 i TOTALLY agree to this!
  • +1

    Have long said we should get buffs when eating food in older threads. I don't want energy bars and NEEDing to eat food to just be able to play, but I would like the food to do SOMETHING when we eat it. Temporary buffs are the way to go, and get regularly suggested, but it's weird that so many players seem to not like the idea of buffs. Cool idea to add a 'no eating allowed' block for the parkours, etc.
  • Thanks for the support guys! Open to more ideas!!!
  • No Outside Food Or Drink instead of No Eating Allowed maybe?
  • Bump!
  • So nice way to save this boring game
  • i could put me time in this game to a more fun use then a shop, a buff food company :D
  • Nice, I would buy from you ;)
  • bump
  • +1 ya yeet

    But maybe have it so when you leave a realm, the ability is gone lol

  • Good idea but...if they add also some veggie shakes so their ability will be jumping more than 3 blocks for 1 hour? Well shakes are really my fave...also can they add more types of plants? To make more shakes and foods :) and will be lot healthier, or add some abilities.
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  • Need for feed (ik that it's not feed)
  • nice pepper XD
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  • What if they add pizzas?!?
  • Exactly what I think. I want this to be implemented in the game
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