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So, these were removed from the donation thingy because ppl were takinging advantage and selling for top $$. Why not add them to the hat packs so we can get them and thus thwart off the greediness at the same time.

I was going to donate 4 times and get 4 sets but now I can't. I am not a clothing reseller and I just wanted them for my Duh House of Cats 2nd floor Veterinary Clinic.

BTW; Since you remove them from donation. I am thinking the greed has gone totally wild as I see doc selling for 80k to 90k. So imo the removal will only make the price soar even more don't you think?


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    Geezer said:
    Yes I know this as I stated these have been removed & I read this. Kewb has also said that deep forests bill resolved by the end of the year, 'last year' lol. I don't believe all I read tho, i'm just sayin...

    imo the removal will make the price go up and from what I read in kewb's post the removal was because of the greediness.

    Also he said there are more than 1 way to get these, what other way is there now, or is there none now that donation is out? So I am to pay 90k for 1 of these?
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    Ok so I have a very vocal opinion on these items and how we got them. I feel players should be rewarded in some way for donating to a cause yes the intention should ultimately be to help the cause but the reward value should never in any way exceed the amount the player spent on the charity like $20 donation should only receive item around the $20 cubit price. I personally never sold a nurse or doc and I was very reluctant to give these hats out of fear players would profit immensely from them. As for the game currency and item value it doesn’t seem to be structured as it is and items increase to extreme value so bringing these out in a hat pack just like rereleasing rare items kills it for a player like me for example I spend 10-15k cubits for zombies that weeks later were as common as a top hat leaving me feeling extremely ripped off and reluctant to ever collect rare items ever again as they will just come back if I wait. So for me to spend $1000s of real money that could potentially be worth nothing leaves me feeling like I can spent that elsewhere more productively.

    So a solution you ask well in game I’m constantly filled with beggars asking for my rare items almost any item I buy I have 4-5 players asking if they can have that item they give me some of the safest stories I’ve ever heard about their real life and why they can’t buy cubits or get the rare items themselves. Maybe we could combat both these issues with a community based go fund me very similar to what we did on this event maybe players could set up a go fund me page and then send that to cubic casltes forums and we all vote on what go fund me page we attach the event to this could be done on a 6month cycle so everyone gets a chance for their page to have some views and get some donations. Finding the suitable candidates would be the hard part im assuming but as a community we could possibly vote on the more needy candidates and get them through. Just a suggestion also on a side note selling doc and nurse hats for 500k each jokes I’m still in the April fools mood lol
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    Putting them into hat packs is a TERRIBLE IDEA. Some people spent a whole lot of cubits to bug thomeor real money (donation) to get them. they will lose their rarity if added to the hat packs and people will regret doing the donation or buying them if added and they would lose a whole lot of c.
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    I just saw a Nurse for 120k so how is removing them because ppl taking advantage and jacking up the price make it better? imo it will get much worse not that we cant get them at all.
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    Intimate said:

    I just saw a Nurse for 120k so how is removing them because ppl taking advantage and jacking up the price make it better? imo it will get much worse not that we cant get them at all.

    I second that.
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