[EVENT] 5x5x5 Building Contest! (RESULTS)

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Now, for the REAL event this April Fools.

This is a fun building contest that requires little resources, but a LOT of creativity. With just 25 (24) spaces, can you create the best build in the realm?

1) Each plot costs 10c to rent and will not be refunded. (Because you can't buy a pig with 10c). Instead, a hat/decorative block will be given instead.
2) The act of copying or violating CC's rules will result in plot removal and possible ban from future events
3) Prizes are subject to change depends on the amount of participants

Judging criteria:

Appearance - 20% (100 points)
How good does your build look? Does it appeal to people's eyes? We will look at your build as a whole to determine! Remember, small details can help you get the max score, so better focus on that as well as your overall build!

Creativity - 20% (100 points)
"Is it new?" is the question we will ask ourselves when looking at your build. Is it a new design? Or is it just a reskin of old, past structures?

Playability - 20% (100 points)
Parkours, mazes, role-playing games, quizzes, etc. Does it contain any of those elements? Can we "play" with your build? Be mindful, however, that some of the named categories above can get you 100 points in playability, but it might impact your appearance and creativity score if not executed properly!

Public voting - 40%* (200 points)
To be announced

Total score: 500 points

*If there are not enough votes, this criterion will be removed.

All criterias are judged on a scale of 100.

1st place: Bronze Piggy
2nd place: 5000 cubits
3rd place: 2000 cubits
4th and 5th place: 1000 cubits each
Lucky prize: 1000 cubit for one of all participants*

*Note: You must build something for the plot to be deemed "qualified" for the raffle.

Deadline: 7th of April
Location: CD87's Event Realm

The judging will be done by me and a few others. For absolute fairness, avoid leaving your name on the plot to make it anonymous.

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below.
Thank you for reading, and good luck to everyone!

Public voting is now open! Instructions are at CD87's Event Realm! The judging will also take place at this time. If there are less than 20 votes, this criterion will be removed.

Total points = Appearance + Creativity + Playability + Public Voting (Max 500 points)

Public Voting = (Number of votes you get) / (Total amount of votes), which then multiplies by 200. (Max 200 points)

For example, if there are 20 votes and you get 10 votes, then you'll get 100/200 * 200 = 100 points.

Results will be announced on the 10th of April.

5x5x5 Building Contest - Results


The results have arrived!

Here are the best builds of this contest!

Build #53: 262.5 points (Bronze piggy)
1st place

Build #15: 255.5 points (5000 cubits)
2nd place

Build #6: 249,167 points (2000 cubits)
3rd place

Build #82: 206,667 points (1000 cubits)
4th place

Build #81: 204,167 points (1000 cubits)
5th place

Honorable mentions:

Build #71
Honorable mention 1
Build #77
Honorable mention 2
Build #73
Honorable mention 3
Build #76
Honorable mention 4
Build #75
Honorable mention 5
Build #84
Honorable mention 6
Build #54
Honorable mention 7
Build #14
Honorable mention 8

You have 21 days to claim your prizes and blocks (Spoiler: Everyone has a prize). Please notify your friends if they participate. Any prizes and blocks unclaimed after 21 days will be scraped to prepare for future building contests.

Prizes will be distributed in your plot by 0:00, 11th of April

Thank you to everyone for participating and having interest in the event. You've helped making this building contest a success.
See you in the next event this Easter!


  • the best fool trick would to not host this event at all on april fools xD
  • Damn
  • Quick question - how would you know who the winners were if there are no names to be added?
  • CD87CD87 Member
    Geezer said:

    Quick question - how would you know who the winners were if there are no names to be added?

    I'll just put the prize in the plots that win and screenshot the winning builds up here.
  • Ahhh got ya :D gl to all entrants
  • no plots left rip
  • Jokes on you april fools theres more
  • CD87CD87 Member
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    no plots left rip

    LateCom said:

    Jokes on you april fools theres more

    Jokes are on you indeed, 9 more plots are available!

    And, there is a bonus sample plot, you should take a look at it. :> #earlyAprilFools

    Rules and prizes are updated as well!
  • PartyParty Member
    No plots left oh well.
  • DaDoggyDaDoggy Member
    edited March 2019
    Presto Prasto, the plots are gonsto
  • Aw, all the plots are taken. Maybe next event, I can get in on it. Wishing everyone who has a plot all the best!
  • No plots left ;-;
  • CD87CD87 Member
    edited April 2019
    The judging criteria is updated! You should take a look again, as it may contain crucial information to your victory!

    If your build is complete, please inform me (Meeting me directly or writing a sign saying "complete") so I can get it judged as soon as possible in order to save some time.
    Party said:

    No plots left oh well.

    DaDoggy said:

    Presto Prasto, the plots are gonsto

    b3achy said:

    Aw, all the plots are taken. Maybe next event, I can get in on it. Wishing everyone who has a plot all the best!

    Mrs.Mecha said:

    No plots left ;-;

    I'm sorry to anyone that couldn't get a plot. I tried my best to expand the realm as much as possible, but 90 plots is the max amount of what it can hold.
  • complete :3
  • CD87CD87 Member
    Bump! It's voting time!
  • YukheiYukhei Member
    edited June 2019
  • CD87CD87 Member
    edited April 2019

    The mailbox is full, also to clarify- can we vote for our own builds?

    A few more will be installed soon, sorry about that.

    And yes, you can. Just remember that you only have 1 vote, so you may have a hard time if you have 2 builds
  • *JulieSings**JulieSings* Member
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  • CD87CD87 Member
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    Bump! The results have arrived!
  • Cosmicow_565Cosmicow_565 Member
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    How can i get my prize? I won 4th place :3 Ty
    Edit : Sorry I didn't saw 11th xd
  • gg to all the winners! At least mine was seen on the side of the some of the pictures lol
  • PartyParty Member
    Congrats to everyone who won.
  • Oof Nick's is in honourable mention, but he quitted game
  • eh ta zhen de shi quit le meh? nan guai mei kan dao ta le owo
  • CD87CD87 Member
    All the prizes are successfully distributed! Once again, thanks for participating in the event!
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