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Is this even a thing that is possible? Would it require Horus? Currently the forum search is, well, unusable. It currently searches for every individual word you type, so if you type "summer pack day 1" it will look for anyone who has said the word "summer" or "pack" or "day" or "1" so basically just about every topic ever pops up when you try to search. This happens very often, especially when I am trying to find info on a pack that was released a year+ ago.


  • BeanGollymBeanGollym FamiliarMember, Familiar
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    This probably would be possible if "Advanced Search" was available with options (check boxes) e.g; "Threads Only", "Category - ____", "Before/After ____", and so on. Although that might not be available with the forum host we're using (If the developers were to change, highly recommend Xenforo)
  • b3achyb3achy Member
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    Yea, I have to agree that the search here is a bit annoying.
  • ChronosaurusChronosaurus Member
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    I think that it NEEDS to be improved. It has gotten very annoying for me as well.
  • DexterTheFoxDexterTheFox Member
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    This suggestion definitely has my support. I'm all in for an Advanced Search System.
  • rageanragean Member
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    This does discussion has my support, one thin i’d also like a username search system. That’d be great
  • TimbertonTimberton Member
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    If t would At least search for like,a phrase maybe,the one type in,it would help..I think? Either way the search definitely needs improving so +1
  • Elemental godElemental god The netherlandsMember
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    yeah i agree with this, i suggested in the past also something like player search because its almost impossible if you search a certain person but that suggestion got rejected for some reason

    but the search function is indeed not usable... +1
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