Buying individual blocks in the store like the used to do

I played this game back when leveling wasn’t there, when you can buy blocks individually in the store, when beginner realms were 25x25. I’m a builder, I personally want buying indivisible blocks to come back. At the moment I am looking for black and white marble, which by the way I am buying white marble for 2c each and black is 3c each. Unless you’re Ugene, I buy white marble from them for 3c. I have to much white and need more black.


  • Mistress SukiMistress Suki Member
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  • ThisIsNotSlimThisIsNotSlim Retired Moderator
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    You can find alot here :)
    Realm name : A2Z
  • Mistress SukiMistress Suki Member
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    Thank you ^-^ but I’m needing a lot.
  • TyndaleTyndale Member
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    Beginner realms were 30x30, not 25x25.
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    They were actully 33x33 but got changesd to 30x30 then 25x25 and finally 17x17 realms
  • LateComLateCom Member
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    i wish you could select the amount of packs / times of the item you can buy it for. just like the old days. But definitely not all blocks to be available in the store.
  • PartyParty Member
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    I could make a shop with all of the blocks in different amounts but they would be priced pretty high.
  • WaffleGirl14WaffleGirl14 Member
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    This is what I wanted too. I wish this will be back... :)
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