A Story About A Player who played CC in 3AM.

At 2AM in the morning, my brother Kevin was still playing Cubic Castles.He was 15 years old.Our parents were away for a few weeks and will be back before Nighttime.I called him to go to sleep immediately but he didn't listen.I called him until I finally gave up on him.I told him to close the lights and the WIFI before sleeping.He nodded.But that didn't stop him playing until it was 3AM.In his screen, he in-game username was KevinTheJoker and was Level 24.He has lots of friends in the game.During his online, he spend a few hours to hangout with his friends online, chatting and playing parkours.At 3AM, he was just finish receive a prize after completing the parkour during one of the admin's events that host earlier.As he was leaving the realm, he heard a strange eerie sound from his game audio.Instead of heading to the lobby, he ended up at a realm where there is no name.In front of his screen was a glitched player.He was level 1 and he don't have a name.He was probably a corrupted player.Kevin tried to go warp to his friends back but then all of them are offline.Even in the menu, the quit button is missing.Kevin starts to sweat when he met a glitch player.His first words to them is "Where am I?" and 'Who are you?".The glitch player didn't respond for a few mins.Later they said, "Hello, Kevin. What did I tell you about playing games in 3AM?".Kevin did not recall of hearing this phrase.Later, the glitch player said "I will give you a chance to leave and wait till time pass or you will know what's gonna happen".Before Kevin was gonna ask anything, his game closes itself.He was using Huawei Nova 4.He open back the game and ignore the player's warning.Instead of loading screen, a bubble message show up and said "Kevin, you should've listen to me.Now I am coming to your house.".That makes Kevin started to scared and frightened.He heard a knock from the door.In his phone screen, it says "Open the door, Kevin.".Kevin did not dare to open the door and ran upstairs with his phone along.He went back to his bedroom and covered his face with a pillow.Kevin thought as it was just a bad dream or something.Later on, the front door was knocked continuously.Kevin began to shake and went back to living room to call a police.He told them everything and a mysterious person was coming for him.A few minutes later, the police arrives.The police opens the door.Kevin thought the person was gonna get him but realize there was no sign of the mysterious person.The police investigate the whole house including outside and garden but couldn't find any traces of the mysterious person.Kevin provide more evidence.I come down and join him and ask him what happened.He was crying as he was scared.I comfort him by getting him some drink.After the police finish their case, they left our house.As for me and my brother, He went to my room and sleep together.He do not wanted to sleep lonely.On the next day, he was afraid to play Cubic Castles but he tap it anyways.It loads the loading screen as usual.After logging in, he was back at the lobby and his character was facing a farmer's door house wall.Kevin will decided to go to bed early from now on and have learned his lesson.I was still proud of my brother as he change his habit.


  • Cool story
  • lucaaa795lucaaa795 Potatoe's worldMember
    0/10 not enough uppercase letters, red circles and arrows and tags such as (ALMOST CAUGHT) (COPS CAME) (ALMOST KILLED)
  • 0.000/10
    It was boring
    It didn't have people screaming their heads off nor did it have a maniac in a scary mask running around flapping his arms and shrieking insanely
  • Just like most of the comments here, I think the story was overall boring. There was not really any depth. There is a lot that I would say, but I'll leave it out.
    To sum it all up, I'd give the story a D.
  • DaDoggyDaDoggy Member
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    I say D-. It barely had any depth, and it is boring. Also, it never mentioned that this was a second time meeting him (what did i tell you about...)

    But speaking of which, there is a player that falls under the desc. of level one with no name, and is corrupted, so... it is partly true. (not that 3AM stories are meant to be true) and 3AM stories are dumb.

    look to left of screenshot.

    this is not a glitch, it was complete at random.
  • maybe you could try sectioning the paragraphs and putting spaces after periods. it makes the reader feel at ease when reading. what it should look like is i'm looking at straight lines. i can compare what i'm seeing to a doodle.

    there were also information on the story that could be redacted without the story falling apart. lines like "he was using a huawei nova 4" didn't really help in building tension.

    grammar can also assist a story to become, more understandable. tenses of verbs and subject-verb agreement are one of the most common ailments of wrong grammar.

    it's understandable if you're not from an english-based country. i live in a country where locals usually have a hard time speaking english. up to now I still experience lapses here and there, but it's presentable. i know you can achieve correct grammar too.

    the story is pretty common too. i have not seen anything new

    @Freddy_Fazbear creepypastas are really like that. they build you up to the climax and they leave you hanging.
    "creepy" pasta.

    no jumpscare, no big surprise. no huge shadow chasing you.
    just leaves you hanging.

    but this one certainly needs improvement.

    @DaDoggy that is a reproducable glitch. It's been here for a really long time now. All you have to do is ask the person to relog. I think it has something to do with the player data not fully loading (sorry not a hackerman), thus, the weird flag, the missing textures on the body, the lack of clothes, no name, and missing level.
  • 3am stories make no sense
    I stay up till 3am all the time
    3am rocks as u can do stuff without anyone noticing u
  • ^
  • 3am is lucky hour confirmed
  • LOL YA'LL ARE CRAZY I rate this awesome novel 35/10
  • sdgamez3sdgamez3 Member
    edited March 2019
    Heh ur crazy if you rate it 35/10
  • LOL YA'LL ARE CRAZY I rate this awesome novel 35/10

    It's not a novel
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