Shop name survey, I need help.

Planning to make a proper shop later. Which name is better: A Shop of Dirt and Stars (totally not a reference to ASoIaF) or Cubic IKEA?

A plan for Cubic IKEA is to make mini building or crafting guides then sell the materials needed. For example, I could sell all the necessary materials for an acceleo ring and sell the number of materials needed for one (cheaper than the price needed for an acceleo ring, however).

A Shop of Dirt and Stars would be a slightly more decorative shop, I guess.

Which one would you prefer?
Any other name suggestions?
Pls help


  • I like that Cubic IKEA idea!
  • nightbreezenightbreeze Member
    edited March 2019

    I like that Cubic IKEA idea!

    Hey thanks! I was trying to find a good building guide in a realm and couldn’t. Couple this with the necessary materials would attract (in my imagination, but why not) a good number of builders perhaps.
  • Lumpety bumpety


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