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rageanragean Member
I love building and looking at new blocks :), but some more housing stuff. Some more things to craft with. A more variety of housing stuff such as wallpaper and living room essentials. Or more era style of buildings Like Victorian era style of buildings is absolutely gorgeous... Stained glass would be cool too.

Different colors to make stained glass or certain patterns on the stained glass
Or windows for house builds.
Victoria era styled roofing
And other than stained glass windows maybe your average house windows aswell :) And kinad like decoration maybe doors, but doesnt haveny any animation to reduce lag, you can just walk straight into the door as if it was phantom foam :).


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    I like baroque and rococo style builds.
    We can already build stained glass tho :)
  • *Joystick**Joystick* Member
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    u got it bud' +1
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