My Realm Stamps Keep Disappearing!

velmadinkvelmadink Member
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I’m rather upset, because I borrowed a stamp from an old account and it vanished! I didn’t really mind that time, since I was planning on buying a pagoda stamp in place of the princess castle stamp, but today when I logged on, the pagoda stamp had vanished! It wasn’t in my inventory, I checked all the chests in my realm, I checked anywhere it could have gone, but it’s gone! I know for sure that I put it on my realm last night, since I had just bought the pagoda stamp. If anyone can tell me how I could get my stamp(s) back, I would really appreciate it :)


  • CD87CD87 Member
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    It's either:

    1) You placed it on one of your realms.
    2) You threw it away/put it somewhere else for some reasons.
    3) It's a bug, and you should send a support ticket if it happens.
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