So, hey, I'm creating a clan

well, I'm currently making a clan room for the clan 'The Kingdom of Anora'

Main clan room description
You enter at the beginning of a dirt path, trees surrounding every side. As you walk a few blocks, you gaze upon a wooden bridge over a shallow, clear stream. This stream flows into the Anora Waterfall.
Should you walk upon this path, you are led to a small crossroads, one to the entrance into the Waterfall Village (a different part of the realm) and another to 'Le Grand Lookout' and The Fairy Glen Clearing. The Waterfall village occupies around half of the realm and in it is (currently nothing, but will be) a small pavillion for clan meetings, a lake whereupon the clanstone sits, many houses and a tall mountain with every clan member's name.
The mountain of clan members has the highest ranking members at the top, with each player's name's height repective to their rank.

Well that wasn't too bad now? What's the clan like?
The Kingdom Anora strives to be a friend-making community based clan. We (or I, at the moment) would love to have roleplayers (it is a fantasy village after all) and group building events. There is a clan market (that is empty) and will be events. This clan focuses on fun as its main aspect

So I have joined, what now?
Well, firstly it would be nice of you to create maybe a fictional character for you to be in roleplays. (name/age/gender/role/skills/personality/etc.) and you should read the clan rules. Ask me or any other member for tips and hints if you're new. Another idea I would love to incorporate is a newbie-guiding system; we hoard (maybe not the best word, was it?) up some new players wanting help and take them through some cool tips and tricks (like fast-travel to friend).

Is there a backstory to the kingdom?
There sure is. The Kingdom of Anora is a large (or it will be) kingdom with many villages. The main village is the waterfall village as mentioned above. The world is much alike to middle earth, with dragons and elves, and dwarves and whatnot.

Sure this is very ambitious for a relatively nooby player, but every journey begins with a little step. If you do want to join, tell me here and I'll try to find you. Right now, the main clan room is not finished. I will finish it by Easter (if the procrastination monster doesn't get me, and if my teachers don't try to suffocate me with work) and that is when the 'Official opening will be.'

Right now, I'm just looking for people to maybe help (don't worry, I'll pay you with cubits or items) with creating rooms or making up ideas.

(This was posted by MidnightStorm (her account doesn't work), friend MidnightStorm in game, not Nightbreeze, but message Nightbreeze. This just has to do with forum accounts not working yadda yadda.)

Have a nice day!


  • TimbertonTimberton Member
    edited April 2019
    Anora River? the one in Alagësia?????

    Edit:I realise this is a bit of an old thread XD
  • Timberton said:

    Anora River? the one in Alagësia?????

    Edit:I realise this is a bit of an old thread XD

    Haha, yeah! Sorry for not responding earlier too.
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