How much is the full set of haloween candies cost?

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How much is the full set of hal. Candies cost? Including the candies (used to craft ult. Candy) the useless candies. The 2nd stage candies and the Ult candy. Thanks!

How much is the pow gift? (Christmas one)


  • The super xmas pow! gift costs around 3500-6000c

    candy corn-100c
    candy bar-70
    fruit chews-70c
    chocolate caramel-350c
    coconut crunch-250
    jaw breaker things-300
    Hard peppermint-350c
    orange delight-350
    turkish treat-400
    melted chocolate-250
    coconut shavings-150
    peppermint dust-200
    candy syrup-200
    mint chocolate-500
    gooey delight-500
    coco candy-350
    peanut buttercup-100
    malt munch-150
    bubble bubble-80
    ultimate candy-2k-10k
    These are my prespective of the pricing ive seen. Some people could have seen them for lower or higher
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    @Paulineeencl Can i buy some? :P i know this discussion is kinda old
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