Doodlers Easter Building Contest (RESULTS OUT!)

Hello! Our clan, Doodlers, will be holding an Easter Building Contest :D!

About the Event

This Building Contest is held by the Doodlers Leaders.
It will be held in The Doodlers Building Contest from the 7th of April until the 20th of April!
There are 32 plots available at the moment. You can buy a plot for 1,000c. The plots are 9x11. Cubits will be given back via a Tip Piggy.

We may add more plots if needed.

Results will be posted here on the forums. We will also upload a video on Doodlers CC on YouTube judging the builds!

The theme will be Easter! Build anything related to Easter! :D

1st: 25,000c
2nd: 15,000c
3rd: 7,500c


1. Only one plot per person
2. Do not copy other people's ideas
3. Do not spam in the event realm/room
4. Place your username and the time you finished building on a sign
5. No alt accounts allowed
6. Please respect other participants
7. If you buy a plot and not build anything you will not receive your cubits back.

If any rule is broken you will not receive your cubits back.

Please join our Discord server for more information about future events!:

If you have any questions about this event please comment or PM me. :D


Is this event only for clan members?
No, this event is for everyone.

Congratulations to everyone who joined! We enjoyed making this event :D


1st- Cheshire Alice

2nd- KeniNyx

3rd- Sawatawanana

All cubits have been given back and winners also have their prize in their tip piggies. You have a month to collect your blocks back.

Thank you to all participants for making this event possible.



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