Clocks, Locks, and more

List of thins that i would like if added:

Clock. A block you place (on floor or wall) that will tell you cubic time when walking up to it.
Stopwatch. A clothing that goes in the holdable item slot but your hand won't look like your puching instead it will look like normal and the start button will be replace with a button that says "Time" or for pc, you would use the same button to shoot a wand and the cubic time will appear in the chatbar.
Time Sentry. A sentry that will lock a door and will unlock after time passes that you set. Examle: You set entry 3 minutes and the door will unlock after 3 minutes. To know how much time is left to other players to unlock, when walking in, above your player in a red speech bubble and white letters, it will say "[Time] is left for this door to unlock. If the sentry unlocks, you can get the sentry by picking up the objct that was sntried.
Lock and key. A lock you can place in sentry-able stuff and the lock will unlock by using a key. People can link keys and locks together to avoid people using other keys to unlock other locks.
Blenders in kitchen packs. Maybe you can make juices and drinks with the blender from the kitchen pack like puttin in sunberries will make sunberry juice?
Did you like thse suggestions?
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  • -Alvin--Alvin- FamiliarMember, Familiar
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  • PartyParty Member
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    I mean I like the sentry. The bumper and watch idk we already have a command for these types of things.
  • rageanragean Member
    13.70 Karma
    This is a great idea. I love it!
    +1 indeed
  • ChronosaurusChronosaurus Member
    8.40 Karma
    oooo I really like your ideas. A watch/clock, as well as a timed sentry would be nice. I also agree and think the blender in the kitchen pack should make juices too. We already can craft plenty of food decorations, so why not be able to make juice decorations?
  • AzsimuthAzsimuth FamiliarMember, Familiar
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  • -Alvin--Alvin- FamiliarMember, Familiar
    80.30 KarmaFamiliar
    I was wondering what if they lost their key xD
  • DaDoggyDaDoggy Member
    13.85 Karma
    A Stopwatch would sound fun, yet I would like to say it should have a different use, as the chat is like a clock.
    Stopwatch) an item like a go bumper, but you can start and stop the time anywhere (not cc time, but stopwatch time) So if you had to take a break, you can pause the time on your stopwatch and then play it when you get back (an on-the-go-go-bumper)
  • 30.80 Karma

    I was wondering what if they lost their key xD

    Maybe they can undroppable items and can be only be dropped like cars? (putting object in chest and breaking chest or putting it in workbench and the arrow button that will drop materials) You open lock by dragging the key to the lock?

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