Escape the Mansion! Sponsored Event [Winners Announced!]

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Built by: Tripjoyy/Saeraphina, Sawatawanana, & Cornstalk!

On the 25th March at 6pm cubic time, Bramble's Mansion will have its official opening after much awaiting.
He's left pieces of the password. However he has made it accessible by only the worth qbees - treacherous parkours, puzzles and hidden clues lead the way out!


For all those that are deemed worthy to escape have the chance to win 5,000 cubits - only 9 random winners will win, with the first player to reach the way out winning 5,000 cubits as well.

bryan sanchez ra
I Love Pie
Kayla Le
Pixie Pall
Sir. Porto

Congrats to all the winners, you will be awarded shortly. Thank you to everyone who joined the event. I know this event really didn't meet expectations with alot of players, and I apologize for that, I do agree 100% it could of been better and I didn't go all out for this. I had many ideas and I do agree the way I set it up was weird and dysfunctional. What do you all think? Again, thanks to Sawatawanana, Anastasia, Cornstalk! and Jadabug for offering to give me a little help with some parts.



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