need artifacts for that collection? click here!!! (lol this sounds like those clickbaits XD)

So I'm be searching for artifacts these days so tell me which ones u need incase I find one that u need and also I decide the price.yay. huzzah


  • PartyParty Member
    I buy all 350c each.
  • U got it!
  • JuIiusJuIius Member
    edited March 2019
    Ancient tech
    VI -2k
    IX -2k
    XIII -2k
  • Yo party I got cave art ix and I got cubisaur xiii the cave art for 350 and da cubisaur for 420
  • i may buy cave arts 400c and any other rare fossil set items like cubiosaur and ancient tech for 550 if that sounds ok.
  • Yes I will leave the stuff at miners hq so cave art is for 400 and cubisaur xiii for 550
  • Where exactly do I find this realm?
    Nothing comes up in the lobby...
    Also if you post it here your artifacts will be taken by somebody else.
  • bought :) they were placed in my hq
  • LateCom said:

    bought :) they were placed in my hq

    Gee thanks late.
  • Srry dude but u see u didn't rlly hv a loss cuz I didn't hv ancient tech but I promise I will sell ancient tech to u.
    the pieces u need anyways
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