Rare Items vs Cubits: Which is better? (POLL)

A long-lasting question that has been stuck in my head for years. I've made a few threads before, but no answers were found. I hope this will be my last thread to solve my issue.

If that question is too complicated for you, here's an easier question:

If I gave you either a rare item (Ex: Easter Umbrella) or the equivalent amount of cubits of the item (Ex: 500k?), for free, which one would you take?


  • Alpha_StormAlpha_Storm Member
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    The rare item
    1) Because it may be a gift for you and may be important
    2) You could sell it 500k+ and at least get a profit

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  • i choose the rare item because it a gift and the gifts are more valuable & important than the cubits.
  • Rare Item cause of reasons above ;)

    Also cubits may be spent on other things which will technically render the cubits “not from you” if you understand what I’m saying
  • I'd rather cubits, as I could use them for realms/decos, whereas I'd keep the item, and it would have no true use.
  • I selected cubits. My reason being is so that i can host events, and giveaways for everyone.
  • Item prices fluctuate, cubits do not
  • I'd rather get the cubits. Values on the item would change, and it could go either way. If I do get the rare item, I... Well.. I usually end up hanging onto that item and I just cAnT let go of it (it's kind of a bad habit dklhflkf). It happens any time I get a rare item. On the other hand though, with the cubits, I could buy anything that I wanted to.
  • lucaaa795lucaaa795 Potatoe's worldMember
    If the items are created by the developers and not bought off players, then I'll say rare items. Otherwise, cubits for all player-hosted giveaways
  • I'd go for cubits. You can do anything what you want with cubits. Doesn't matter if you're building, collecting or making giveaways, Cubits can help with that. An Easter Umbrella can't. Sure, you can sell the item for cubits, but what if nobody wants to buy it? Or you don't have time to sell it?
  • Umm cubits duh! If you choose a rare item then you only have one item you can show off with also prices don't stay the same forever and it's hard to sell stuff. But if you have the equivalent amount of moolah you can get loads of items to flex with
  • Item is better because you can sell it for a bit more than 500k if you are lucky and then you have something special,not a number of cubits.

    Cubits are better because you can spend it on anything but that also makes it easier to waste (i think an umbrella worth 500k is "worth" more than 500k worth of dirt,isn't it?)

    I think cubits are still better though.
  • galantisgalantis Member, Game Moderator
    when it comes to a original gift...
    I would choose the umbrella, because it is a gift from you where it remains a gift from you, with cubits it is not so because cubits come and go that means that we give away your "cubits gift".. then it was more a cubits donation than a gift, that's how it feels.

    But that does not mean you can not give cubits as a gift, you can give us cubits so that we can buy our own gift, which was actually yours.
    I would choose stuff than cubits, to keep it easy.
  • I say item
    1.you could sell it anytime if you wanted.
    2.it's a gift.
    3.it could rise in value and you could gain profit.
    4.it's awesome >.<
  • galantisgalantis Member, Game Moderator
    why would you sell a gift you got from someone who loves you, to show that you love that person too, you would never sell it. ;-)
  • sdgamez3sdgamez3 Member
    edited February 2019
    I wud sell it cuz it's mine now
  • galantisgalantis Member, Game Moderator

    My personal opinion:

    I would not like it if I give someone a gift of soul and heart, and tomorrow I see that it has been sold.

    But I understand you say yes it is now my property I can do with it what I want, where is the part of friendshap? you have changed that into cubits. ^^

    If your gift was cubits, then yes you can do that.
  • Depends on the price of the gift, and the value of the gift to the person. Also you can get gifts from people who arent your freinds
  • galantisgalantis Member, Game Moderator
    That's right, then I see this kind of gift as a donation :)
  • No one sells easter umbrellas nowdays, so getting one for free is much better than getting 500k
  • Cubits, mostly because of the fluctuating economy.
  • item cuz u can flex on ppl with it
  • Grace gave me a gift last valentine's, and said i could sell it or keep it. I kept it ofc, but sometimes people give things for you to do what you want.
  • I would take the 500k. As a businessman, I see the singular item either fluctuating in a positive way or negative way. You bank on only one item. Its illogical. Although, if this were a game without worries about money, I'd choose the sentimental item anyday, but this game over time has evolved into a game where you need money to have a good time. Everything costs so much. People are greedy. Less nice players nowadays, and I hate to say it but money really allows you to get noticed by people. I have played this game from both sides. I chose to be poor for a few months and then returned back to my rich life. Nobody friended me at all. People I knew on my rich account ignored me, etc. It wasnt a fun game to play without money anymore; unlike how it used to be. The 500k could allow for giveaways, hosting games, exciting gifts for everyone you know, whereas 1 item is 1 item. You cant give it away, you cant sell it (if it has sentimental value), it sits and gathers dust. You can do nothing with it. This is only my viewpoint.
  • 500k so i can buy deco for my builds , simple question OwO
  • 500k cuz my shop can get better
  • A<A>B said:

    i choose the rare item because it a gift and the gifts are more valuable & important than the cubits.

  • cubits - why?

    1. you can choose ANYTHING you want to buy with your cubits
    2. you wont feal obliged to keep the item if you were given an item
    3. cubits cant get scammed as they cant be left lying around

    this question is like, would you rather money for christmas to buy a pc or someone buys a pc for you? i'd choose to buy my own so i know what i'm getting but there everyone has their own opinion.
  • I would say cubits because you can do so much. With just 1 item it would just collect dust in my collection.
  • I understand why so many people said cubits, but I'd go for the rare item. I don't care about prices or anything, but I just feel like unless I do a building using all the cubits and dedicating it to you, I would eventually use up the cubits and in due time forget you gifted me it. XD

    Then again, in 5 years time I'll probably forget a lot cc-related, so... xD there's that.
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