Iv been scammed plss help me

SteamCutie account is being hacked please help her and its very confusing to know who's the scam player is But, heres my proof from being scammed when u come in please chat me next time cause I'm late at sleeping its 1:41am for now and have a school tommorow.

Our Realm: SteamBoy's Realm, Steam Public Market, Shoppie Rentals my collection room is type of diamond block
Check Realm: [Resource Mall]
*2 Owners:[Jotaro Kujo] and SpaceStaff (mhmm dunno if its 'staff' after that name)
Items are been sold others were not yet buyed pls check pharoa's chest if theres v wings or the stamps in there and my LvL one sparkle is stolen wew bannned that player plssssss help :L


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