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I was thinking that they should add a DLC page in steam for Cubic castles, So then people can easily buy cubits without having to go in-game. I have a problem in the cc store which makes it so I cant purchase cubits, it makes the screen pop up, but I cant do anything, also I can move around in cubic castles as well, but cant click any of the steam buttons.
bad or good, what do you think?
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    1. Yes, I have this problem/Its a good idea
    2. No, this is stupid


  • scorto7scorto7 BelgiumGame Moderator
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    i have this problem as well...
    It would be nice to have an alternative form of payment in steam.
    The only reason i still have money on my steam account is to spend it on this game and it has been a long time since i could do that.
  • rageanragean Member
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    I have this problem too, it pops up I click authorize. I then crash. And I log onto CC that screen to authrize the cubits is there. And it takes my money. But I do not get the cubits so I have to buy cubits ahead of time sometimes.
  • TrianthaniaTrianthania Member
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    Well i mean i can access my store page, so Hey! this is basically fixed (for me at least), i guess in this update you guys fixed it. so Yay :D

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