i sell in vends :-

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Selling :
Heart hat 220c
Santa pack 1550c
Christmas outfit 120c
Fake Halo 500c
Coal 100 for 10c
Bat wings 100c
Jingle bells speaker 650c
My shops name is ndplayz2468's realm in eden
If u want me to lower some prices tell me


  • ndplayz2468ndplayz2468 Member
    edited February 2019
    I no longer sell that stuff but what I do sell rn is:
    50 gold for 20c
    100 iron for 24c
    Frost berries 100 for 50c
    Sunberries for the same price
    Yumberries 50 for 15c
    Take this flower for 389c
    Santa pants 100c
    EDIT: I no longer sell take this flower and santa pants but what I sell instead of them is:
    Blue football helmet for 100
    Alien hat for 250
  • Bump! I now sell some stuff in my plot at old grand mall but in my vends I sell cave art x (10) and cave art ll (2). Rest of da vends r empty for now
  • Bump! I now sell nothing in my own shop so check out the old grand mall for my plot and the items I sell
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