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I wrote this story on signs at Little Lost Rentals, and someone wanted me to put it on here... so

Once there was a happy little qbee named Icantthinkofaname. One summer day, it started snowing, and the snow turned into a blizzard. There was so much snow that the qbees were trapped in their own houses. Their doors were stuck, and wouldn't budge. The happy little qbee, who was now a sad little qbee, was running out of food. He devised a splendid plan to escape. Icantthinkofaname walked to the stove, and began to heat some water. When the water was rapidly boiling, He took the cauldron off the stove. The qbee hurled the bubbling cauldron at the door, but it did no good. Icantthinkofaname was still trapped.

The qbee couldn't think of anything else to do. He called his friendly neighbor qbee, and asked for suggestions. The neighbor qbee, who couldn't think of anything else to do either, and had already tried boiling water, didn't know. Icantthinkofaname puzzled over the mystery of how to get out. He found a buzz saw under the kitchen sink, and tried to cut the door down. He cracked a hole in the door, but to his disappointment, the other side was a wall of solid ice and snow.

And so he put a cauldron of water on the stove again. Throwing it at the door again, the excited qbee found that it actually began to melt the ice! After throwing more water at the door 2467 times, the qbee could see daylight! Suddenly, the sky was blocked out again as a ton more snow fell down from the roof. The qbee sighed in frustration, and began the hard task of heating water once again. But suddenly, Icantthinkofaname ran out of water because his pipes froze! He sat down on a sofa to rest, when the snow began melting from the outside and flooding the house! Finally the snow was gone, leaving only a soggy door behind.

Outside, it was strangely warm and summery again. Icantthinkofaname watched as cactus sprung up from nowhere and dotted his yard. The grass turned to sand, and a dry wind began blowing. Finally, he realized he was in a desert! He turned around to go back into his house because he was thirsty, but his house was gone! Whirling around again, he began to climb over steep mesa top hills. Sand blew everywhere. Icantthinkofaname still hungry from being trapped in his house, began to look around for something to eat. Picking a strange green berry off a bush, he popped it into his mouth. Breathing fire, he looked around for water. Finding none, he continued looking for something to eat. Up ahead, he spotted an egg! Icantthinkofaname ran over and plucked it from it's nest.

Suddenly, an ostrich appeared and glared at him. Realizing he was holding her egg, he dropped it and turned and ran. But the ostrich was faster, and gaining ground with it's long legs. Just as the ostrich was about to catch him, Icantthinkofaname heard someone far in the distance call "Hear boy!" and the ostrich bounded away. Icantthinkofaname frantically climbed over another hill to get away from the ostrich, just in case it came back. Turning around, He found himself near an oasis! This was a very rare find indeed! He ran over and jumped in the water, cooling off, and quenching his thirst. When he broke to the surface again, he saw to his horror that he was surrounded by poison spikes!

Icantthinkofaname woke up from his horrendous dream, and slowly calmed down as he realized everything was back to normal.

Or was it? The wind began to pick up and he shivered, suddenly cold. "Noooooooooo!" he yelled.

The End

(Or is there more?)
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