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What is Miners Club?!?

We've decided to create a clan called Miners Club, as you seen from the name, it's about mining, if you want to rent a plot to complete quests that's written on the signs in the quest room and receieve rewards, is it possible!
We're building a city for Miners Club where you can buy a house or sell something in the market. It's still in construction and if it's ready you'll receive an announcement in our Discord server and our own Forums!

how can I join?

For now you have to ask a leader to invite you in game or over discord and or our forum.
Everyone is welcome at our discord and or forum!

The link to our discord is https://discord.gg/eRTXCDc

The link to our Forum is https://minersclub.mistforums.com/
(you must have a steam account to log in to our forum)

our current leaders are

Additional info

The current ranks are:

  • Leader
  • Supervisor
  • Engineer
  • Miner
  • New Miner

(more info about the houses we will add when the realm is ready, you can visit the city "Miners' City")


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    Hmmmm akoa can u pls tell me in more detail about your clan?? Pls?
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    We have started a new event in our forum and EVERYONE is welcome to join in, there are Many future events, Prizes await!
    Our forum: https://minersclub.mistforums.com/

    And the city is doing well, it is still under construction. you can always visit "Miners' City"
    sdgamez3 said:

    Hmmmm akoa can u pls tell me in more detail about your clan?? Pls?

    Feel free to add me in-game so that I can explain everything about miners club :)

  • sdgamez3sdgamez3 FamiliarMember, Familiar
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