MrValentine Selfie Contest!

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Participate For A Chance To Win Random Valentine Items! One Winner Only!

How to participate:

1. If you see MrValentine anywhere, take a selfie/screenshot with him. You do not need to pose with him, It is enough if you and him are in the same pic.

2. Post the pic on this thread, and make sure your in-game name is visible in the pic, if it's not i cannot know who to give the prize to.

3. Winner will be picked on the 14th.


Q: How can i know that he is the real MrValentine?
A: He will be dressed as an Angel (Heart Glasses, Cupid Wings, Red Wuuva Shirt, Red Pants, Love Wand, Halo), he’ll be a level 0 player.

Q: What is the prize?
A: Prize will be several valentine rares :)


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    What if we meet him and take screenshot many times ?
    Why only one winner :c i miss the old one when all participants both get 1k
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