~ K's Texture Pack is back! ~ Valentines Themed UI 2.0

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> K's Texture Pack <

So hey guys! I'm back with creating texture packs !

Read this first !

- This might only be available for the mobile users (inform me if the UI for the mobile and the pc ones are the same, if so then it would also be available for PC users)
- Tell me if this is against or if it's violating any rules
- This is for + enjoyment purposes only (I'm not really accepting any commissions for this)
- Inform me if there's any problem related with the texture pack as soon as you find one so I could sort it out
- I might not be able to update it "always" since I'm only doing this during my leisure time XD

Valentines-Themed UI 2k19 ^.^

-This is my first time using only my phone to edit so its kinda hard to make it real fine, you might find some part that werent that smooth :< I used Ibis Paint app to edit this btw, it's really useful tho its a bit complicated at the beginning

Please read the instructions carefully to avoid having issue with the game ^^

1. Download the Image I attached here by clicking it (UI.png)
- Make sure that the image is a .png
3. Go to your file manager and locate the folder of the app
* This is the location for android users like mine
- Android > Data > com.cosmiccow.cubiccastles
- files > cache > DynaContent > images
4. MAKE SURE to have a BACKUP file of the UI or much better, create a backup folder of the "images"!
- This is to ensure that you could bring back the original UI ANYTIME ( you might regret not following this step#4 XD)
5. Copy the image of the downloaded png (the texture pack) on your file manager
6. Go to the "images" folder again and PASTE the copied UI.png
- Make sure that the name of it is UI.png!
7. in my case, I have to delete the original UI.png first then rename the copied image which turned into UI(1).png as I paste it


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