i hv one vend wht wud be better? resurces oooooorrrrr clothes?(mostly hats)

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And if resources stone coal silver or gold?


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    Resources. Don't start selling wearables until you have at least 10 Vends and 1k or more cubits.
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    If you choose to sell resources, stone sells the best out of the four...but you get less money for it than gold or silver. However, I typically have a lot more stone in my inventory than Gold/Silver because it is just easier to find,especially if you frequent Mountain mines (you get it from Mountain Boulders, Stone Blocks and Sometimes even Mountain Blocks).

    In order of popularity to builders that visit my shop - Stone, Gold / Silver, Coal. (Iron ranks with Gold/Silver).

    FWIW, I typically sell stone at 6/1c, but have been told I could sell at 4 or 5 / 1c. I typically sell Gold/Silver at 3/1c. It is more expensive, but at times harder to find than stone.
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