I THINK they should add a pet bird for summer update maybe it could be a pet that sits on your shoulder or something


  • leafyfox 1234leafyfox 1234 Member
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    yes a cute bird but not too expensive maybe it flys behind you
  • Sir BeckleySir Beckley Member
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    Yeah mabey it could cost the amount of a penguin
  • CoolGuyBossCoolGuyBoss Member
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    I like this idea. +1
  • TimbertonTimberton Member
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    Yep +1
  • EatingPizzaEatingPizza Member
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    A colorful Scarlet Macaw! :O
  • Elemental godElemental god The netherlandsMember
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    I would say a colorful on like this:

  • Sir BeckleySir Beckley Member
    edited February 28 28.50 Karma
    Yeah something like that

    Also new idea what if you could have a surfboard back pack
  • Sir BeckleySir Beckley Member
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    I think they should add Sherlock Holmes smoking pipe [wearable]
    Because it epuld be cool, they already have the Sherlock Holmes hat and the monical so why not go further and add the pipe?? For summer pack
  • PartyParty Member
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    I don't think adding smoking is what this game is about.
  • Sir BeckleySir Beckley Member
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    Lol it's just for show
    Besides who said it wpupd show smoking they could just to bubble affects
  • -Alvin--Alvin- Member
    edited March 29 84.15 Karma
    Smoking pipe is bad, cc don't teach kids to do harmful thingy
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