Shop help

May someone please give me tips on a good shop please? I have 0 cubits cause i bought a tip piggy and cash register.

If you do have any tips on better cubit making please let me know also


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    I would start off by selling stuff at Pens. Once you have enough cubits buy a warp food bumper and some vending machines to sell items. You then can create warp food near your vending machines and pass out the warp food to people in the lobby.
  • Log_erLog_er Member
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    ^ Very good way to advertise your shop without spending too many cubits. I'd recommend selling resources until you get 1-3k cubits. Then you can buy cheap commons and sell them higher. It'll take awhile to get the hang of things, but it's worth it :D
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    Yes as V said starting off in pens is a great place to start and work your way up from their.
  • Fake SnakeFake Snake Member
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    also don't forget to count your profit when you sell the items, and if you get more than 1 vend i would recommend that if you want to collect cubits collect it from all the vends :)
    btw if you wanna sell any resources i buy some
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