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Weird items

Bl@ck bombs: 5/45
Mirriors: 1/5c
Ph@ntom fo@m: 1/6c
F@dey fo@m 1/3c

Non h@rd items but also selling


Expert workbench: 1/5c
Tech workbench: 1/6c
Wizard workbench: 1/120c
Workbench: 1/3c
Distillar: 1/7c
Extractor: 1/7c
Forge: 1/2c


S@nd: 13/1c
Dirt: 13/1c
Any type of Gr@ss: 7/2c
Snow: 1/4c
Oil 10/3c
L@v@ 10/4c


Resin 10/2c
Pine resin 20/3c
Solvent 12/1c=130/10c



Yumberries 7/1c
Sunberries 7/1c
Chiliberries 7/1c
Frostberries 7/1c


Tree Trunks 10/2c
Pine Trunks 10/2c
Dead Tree Trunks 10/3c
Rubber Tree Trunks 10/2c
Cactus 10/3


Red dye 1000/35c
Orange dye 1000/70c
Yellow dye 1000/35c
Green dye 1000/35c
Blue dye 1000/35c
Purple dye 1000/70c
Pink dye 1000/70c
White dye 100/17c
Black dye 700/17c

Magic items !!


Coal 123/10c
Stone 123/17c
Iron 120/20c
Silver 115/30c
Gold 100/ 50c

Any item you need to harm you opponents

H@rm w@nd 1/35c
Knockb@ck w@nd 1/35c
He@l w@nd 1/93c
Spikes 100/24c
Qbee bombs 10/20c
Green goop 100/17c
Mecho spikes 100/48c
C@ndles 10/3c
Torches 10/7c

Every item you need to make a bomb game

Checkpoint block 1/30c
Checkpoint bumper 1/35c
Pulse bombs 20/86c
Poison spikes 1/50c
Glass 120/10c
Pedestrian block 1/10c
Teleburger bumper 1/470-570c


Magic potion 1/10c
Yellow potion 1/2c
Green potion 1/2c
Red potion 1/6c


snow caps 1/200c
Skull heads 1/200c
Santa pants 1/120
Christmas shirts 1/70c
Fairy wings 1/60c
Dragon fly wings 1/70c
Lesser foo fools cap 1/8000c

Black Hawaiian shirt 6k


@rtif@cts 1/150c m@bey more
Info bumper your price
Anytime bumper 1/350c
Egg h@t, chick h@t, chicken h@t your priceWill
Foggy Bottomless 3.6k or trading for that: Foggy stamp and 3vends
Gather Bumper your price ad more later


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