Which Laptop

I wrote a discussion about which PC a year ago I think?
Anyways I'm looking for a laptop to
Play Cubic castles
Voice chat on discord
Edit videos

That's all I'm really looking for.

I'm not a tech expert so I have no idea what you are talking about if you say RAM or Network card.
Price doesn't really matter but I prefer it to be under 900 dollars, though I don't know if that's possible.


  • Any Lenovo ThinkPad. Pretty cool.
  • You should ask this to a person of your own country....prices differ alot from country to country.If you have any questions about the techside of laptops im happy too answer them in game.
  • Well you can get an 8 GB RAM laptop for under 900$ which is good! But as koek said prices depend on your country, who knows you might even find a 12 GB laptop for 900$.
    I play on a 2 GB RAM pc and i can vc on discord and play cc with no fps drop at all, if you’re looking for one that runs cc and discord perfectly, you could get a 4GB RAM laptop.
  • AshiMagariAshiMagari The internet :PMember
    Tbh, it does not take very high quality technology to run CC and use discord voice chat. I have an old 2-in-1 (computer that has a detachable screen to be used as a tablet): 4GB RAM, Intel i3 (ugh), and it's only running windows 8.1.
    It runs CC just fine, and discord voice chats are usually okay (if not its because of wi-fi and not the device). The problems come in if you're trying to do anything else tho. I can't make video calls or run any game really besides CC.

    I guess the minimum you would want would be a device like this one xD Like Will said, an 8GB RAM would probably be best, and you might wanna find out which processors would be okay (since that's usually the limiting factor).
  • A toaster can run Cubic...
    A toaster can run discord... And a premium toaster can edit and upload videos. I'd say you would want at least 2Gb of ram, 30Gb storage, and a good gaphics card. I've tested cc on a $50 tablet before and it runs xD
    make sure you get a laptop with a good battery too. There's some laptops out there with faulty batterys that often go out on you :p
    You could go to Best buy or any other electronics retail service and they'll help you out.
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