Hey yall back for more info concerning the Community Events

SayWhatSayWhat Member
edited January 2019 in Player Events & Creations
Well y’all I will post winner tomorrow if I have time for Run for Love parkour! Thanks to CPV for making it. Also have some sad news. This isn’t going the way i was planning it. I spent over 400k on materials and prizes and building and it’s like everyone quit helping and not one person help on prizes. My plan was the Community pitches in the prize each 2 weeks and they can come together to build events and we can do them and have fun. Bond together. So I will do one more since I spent tons of c on it but I have no idea if done since been to busy to ask @Lord Sinister. I haven’t saw him online when I was. Did he change his name? Anyways can anyone get him to contact me! This build is best build I seen in a while and he’s and 100/10 BUILDER! I mean, it’s amazing! So I will host one more event. So if y’all want more events, plz help on the prize and materials so we can build more worlds and have fun. Thanks for reading. I hope y’all like the other events I did. If you didn’t, oh well, I tried, and wasn’t your c that spent on it :D. Keep it positive y’all!
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