Have you ever heard about Battle Royale in CC?

The Battle Royale game went popular for across global country.But what happen if a Battle Royale will be available in CC?I have make 2 maps and alot of survival blocks.
In Battle Royale CC, you might need:
- Wands in vends (any Wands but must min is 15c and max is 30c)
- Healing Block
- Hiding place?
- Great Maps
- And for yourself to go up cause making Battle Royale Menu is Up not ground floor.
You might also need to put lives.Max lives is 5 and min is 2.
That's how I did in my Battle Royale game.For those who didn't know how to play Battle Royale in CC well one of my realm have tutorial and aim training will be good for you.
And as always, if your the last Man standing, you get prize.As for duo and squad,you try to think of something else to give prizes.They is alot of ways for duo and squad for giving prize to players.As for the maps, make sure it's environmental and not torturing maps.Put some traps so they can notice and not to walk there.Build some houses so they will receive Wands from vends.
However, making 1 Battle Royale map game is not easy.
1 map Min 65 x 65 Max 100 x 100
It depends on how fast you build.
Normal peoples takes 2 or 3 days to finish.
If your fast enough.It will be 2 days for you!
If you have any questions about Battle Royale for CC, don't hesitate and start asking!


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