Lets Give The New Mods A Warm Welcome

Alpha-StormAlpha-Storm Member
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Hello New mods. Enjoy your journey of being mod. @"Graceful Thunder" annnnd @WhimsicalFirefly

Congrats u 2


  • b3achyb3achy Member
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    Welcome to the new mods!!! Thanks for being such honorable players that the devs trust you to have additional responsibilities of being game moderators. Wishing the best for both of you!! May you have much wisdom in your new positions.

    And thanks for SirK for listening to the players' requests for additional mods!
  • Da FarmerDa Farmer Member
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    oof when did that happen lol congrats anyways.
  • Alpha-StormAlpha-Storm Member
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    Congrats Whim and Gracey x2
  • KuukimunsterKuukimunster Member
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  • UU Member
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    Congratulations. It’s nice to see good steps towards improvement within the community.
  • Cubic DoggCubic Dogg Member
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    Tbh I don’t think Younger adults can be mods older adults sure
  • Cubic DoggCubic Dogg Member
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    But congrats Grace
  • EctoYamEctoYam Member
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    A breath of fresh air is always good. Welcome moddys.
  • SayWhatSayWhat Member
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    I never heard of whimsical before but I am very pleased to hear @"Graceful Thunder" of becoming a mod. Since day one she help me. She probably won’t remember but we been friends since I started playing. She told me stuff like where are mines and what are they
  • CordsCords Member
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    Well congratz to the new mods but there is one person I know would doesnt want to become a mod. Some people hate him and some people dont. But the majority of people is hate. I hate him.
    Sorry i mean not like hate is too harsh.
  • JasonGraceJasonGrace Member
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    Warm welcome to the new mods! Hope they can make a meaningful impact on the community (Whim I'm looking at ya ;))
  • Da FarmerDa Farmer Member
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    Tbh I don’t think Younger adults can be mods older adults sure

    There aren't too many "older adults" in this game.
  • CoolGuyBossCoolGuyBoss Member
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    I've already said congrats to you ingame. but ill say it here as well. Congrats newest moderators!

    Let's treat them with respect as moderators go through a lot, the first time they are selected, they will most likely get hate thrown at them.
  • -JustAlvin--JustAlvin- Member
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    @"Graceful Thunder" Congrat! My friend
  • PartyParty Member
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    Congrats always nice to see some fresh blood
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