Epicn't Farming suggestions!

Suggestion 1:Carrot plants


You could plant them and make a carrot on a stick and ride a pig into lava you could use them to cook many foods out of carrots or sell it for a price between corn and eggplants OR feed it to pigs to get fertilizer (suggestion for it below) at a rate of 1 carrot = 2 fertilizer.

Suggestion 2:Fertilizer


You could get it by feeding pigs carrots and you could fertilize plants with it and they would skip 5 hours of growth but it would only work once per plant and once you use it,you lose it.

Suggestion 3:Seedplanting vehicle


You would first jump into it and a menu would appear allowing you to enter seeds and you would also need to enter 1 recube for each seed you wish to plant as fuel because planting seeds is hard :( you would then drive it at a speed about the same as a tractor over empty soil and it would automatically plant the seeds on them.It would probably be quite hard to get and cost a ton of recubes though.

Suggestion 4:Watering hose


This would work almost the same as a watering can except you could fit 50 water into it and use it just like fadey foam and not have to tap every time,it should cost around 3-4 times more than a deluxe watering can as it is much better.

That's all for now :D


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