Orthodox Hats

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Epic greek orthodox easter crowns are my inspiration,
All I need are a lot of donations,
So how about you give me,
These wonderful creations.

Orthodox is asking for you yes you to donate your epic greek orthodox easter crowns to me..

Orthodox™ is a self run buisness and it requires peoples funding to work this, funding is only accepted through donating these holy crowns. So what are you waiting for message "I will" down below..

You may be asking what will we be doing with these epic greek orthodox easter crowns and the answer is quite a simple but complex one we will be donating these hats to the poor.
however at the cost of 1k for all our workers, 1.5k for the rent and upkeep of the Orthodox™ building we are left with hardly anything over 500c... Which does not split equally within the hundreds of new players the game has .. I guess with that knowledge we have disbanded and I have become a lone worker hoarding these holy crowns as remembrance of Orthodox™


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